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Profile Parameters Dialog Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

Resolution (CLUT points)

This set of radio buttons are used to select how many point will be included in the profiles Color Look Up Table (CLUT).  Select smaller values to make small but less accurate profiles.  Select larger values to create larger more accurate profiles.

Profile Verbosity

These radio button allow you to control how much additional inforation is stored in the profile.  Selecting "Only required tags" will store only information that is absolutely needed in the profile.  This makes for smaller profiles.  "Store additional tags" stores additional information but does not store measurement information.  "Verbose, store anything" will include everything that can be included in the profile including measurment information that is useful to the Profile Checker.


Checking this will cause the use of the local convergence analysis algorithm when creating camera or scanner profiles.  This is more accurate but also takes longer to process.  On fast modern hardware using this with 33 CLUT points it will take about a half minute to create the profile but it will result in the most accurate possible profile.

Cromatic adaption & viewing condition

The default setting is Linear Bradford which is the standard setting recommended by the ICC.   Use CIECAM97s to have more control over your profiles.  This is particularly useful for monitor profiles since it allows you to compensate for viewing conditions.

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