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What is LPROF?

LPROF is the only open source ICC profiler with a graphical user interface. It can be used to create ICC version 2 compliant profiles for cameras, scanners and monitors. As such it fills a necessary niche in the emerging open source color management effort.

Screenshots are available here. The sourceforge summary page is located here.

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LPROF is ICC version 2 compliant.



LPROF's Creation

The author of the Little CMS (LCMS) library,  Marti Maria,  starting work on LPROF in 1998 as a demonstration of the capabilities of LCMS.  He continued to work on LPROF until 2002.  The name LPROF is derived from Little cms PROFiler.  Until early 2004 the source code for LPROF was distributed from Marti's LCMS web site.  

Between that time and August 15, 2005, when the LPROF project was created on SourceForge.net, LPROF was orphaned and unsupported.  On Oct 19, 2004 Marti announced to the LCMS users email list that he could no longer support LPROF because of commitments he had made to his employer.  In the mean time Gerard Klaver had archived the source code for LPROF and Craig Ringer had done additional work to the source code.  Early in August 2005 Gerard and Craig were contacted by Hal Engel who had been considering taking on LPROF as a project and a plan was hatched to resurrect LPROF.  Marti was contacted and gave his consent for the team to move ahead with the new LPROF project. 

Since that time LPROF has been actively supported and there have been a number of releases.  The first of these was a maintainance release of the basic version that was the last one released by Marti with a number of patches applied and some updates.  The project team has plans for significant enhancements.  Some of which have already been implemented.  Still much work remains to be done. Anyone interested in contributing to the effort should feel free to contact the project administrator or any other team member working on the project. Any and all help is greatly appreciated.



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