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Monitor Values Dialog Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

Setting Gamma

You can set gamma by pressing the "Set Gamma and Black Point" button.

Setting Monitor White Point

Some monitors refer to white point as "temperature". Most monitors come from the factory with the white point set to D93 in order to get more brightness, unfortunately this restricts the gamut and adds a large quantity of blue, so my advice would be to select something lower. If you can switch temperature of your monitor, D65 (near 6500K) could be a good choice for multipurpose use. For proofing devices, D50 is almost a must, but it adds too much yellow for a unadapted use such as using non-color aware software. D50 requires a dim or dark room to give the best results. If you don't know which temperature your monitor has, select D65 or D93 but most modern monitors allow users to set the color temperature so try to find where this setting can be changed and set it to the best value you can locate. On our fist approach both D65 and D93 will give reasonable results. If your monitor has any other white point, you can select "User defined", the last option. You can then select your particular white point as a temperature in Kelvin degrees. Don't use CIE illuminants. They are intended for workspace construction.

Setting Primaries

For the primaries, select the default ITU/R BT.709 if you are profiling a CRT monitor. There are primaries for Samsung TFT and LCD. The other primaries are for building workspaces. If you don't know the primaries, don't worry. Use the default ITU/R BT.709. There are 6 or 7 CRT tube manufacturers in the world, and all them does use this set.

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