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Profile Identification Dialog Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

This dialog is used to set the values of the most common profile tags.  In addition these tags are commonly used by software such as image editors to identify profiles.


Used to identify the device and device settings that this profile is for.  As an example for a camera profile for a Nikon D70 camera the value in this field might be something like "Nikon D70 - direct sun"  This field is commonly used by other software for profile identification.  It is highly recommended that this be set to a user meaningful value.


Used to identify the manufacturer of the profile.  This field is also used by other software to display information about the profile.  You should set this to some value that identifies the profile as yours.

Copyright and Comments

Place copyright information in the copyright field and any comments you want to include in the profile in the comments field.

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