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Preferences Tab Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

Setting LPROF User Preferences

This dialog allows you to set various preferences for how LPROF will operate.

Monitor Profile

Using this combo box you can select what monitor profile will be used by LPROF for proofing images and also to color manage the display in the Profile Checker dialog.  Using the button labeled "..." you can select the directory that contains your monitor and other profiles.  The combo box drop down will list all profiles in that directory that are tagged as display profiles.  Note that it uses tag data from the profile and does NOT list the file names of the profile.

Input Profile

To select the input profile that will be used for proofing  use this part of the dialog.  In most cases this will be used to check profiles you are creating for devices like cameras and scanners.  It operates in the same way as the item above but does not limit itself to only display class profiles.

Color Manage Display

This is used to turn soft-proofing on and off.  To proof a scanner or camera profile select the profile for that device in the input profile item and check this item.  When you go back to the Camera/Scanner Profiler tab the target image will be color managed using a transform from the input profile to the monitor profile selected in this dialog.

Install Reference File

Press the button to open the "Install Reference File" dialog.  This dialog is used to install a reference file.

Safe Frame

This is used to set the percentage of each color patch on the target will NOT be used by the picker template.  The smaller this number is the larger the "hot" zones for each patch will be.  A larger "hot" zone will sample a larger area from each patch but will also make it harder to prevent the "hot" from spilling over into a near by patch.  The default values is 65% but values between 50% and 75% can be used.  In most cases the default value is best.

Output Colorspace

This is used to control what kind of values will be output when an IT8.7 target is sampled.  In most cases you will want to leave that set to the default value which is RGB - Pick from image.

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