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Profile Checker Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

Profile Checker

The profile checker is a tool for inspecting some of profile internals. It allows users to inspect a number of differnet aspects of the profile.  In most cases user will be checking the profiles accurancy.Feel free to experiment, the profile checker will never write on your profile, so you can play with it in a safe way.

When the Profile Checker button is selected on the main LPROF dialog information about the last profile created is passed to the Profile Checker dialog.  The user can over ride these values to look at other profiles but in most cases this is exactly what the user wants.  To start the inspection process press "Inspect Profile" button.

Info Tab

The info tab contains basic information about the profile.  This includes:

    1. identification information entered in the "Profile Identification" dialog. 

    2. The profile white point.

    3. The profile media white point.

    4. The profile primaries.

    5. The profile red, green and blue gamma.

    6. The target reference file.

    7. The measurement sheet file.

CIE Diagram Tab

This tab contains a CIE or chromaticity diagram.  A CIE diagram is a representation of all of the colors that a person with normal vision can see.  This is represented by the colored sail shaped area.  In addition you will see a triangle that is superimposed on the diagram outlined in white.  This triangle represents that outer boundries of the color space of the device that is characterized by the profile being inspected.  This is called the device gamut.

In addition there are black dots and yellow lines on the diagram.  Each black dot represents one of the measurement points that was used to create this profile.  The yellow line represnsents the amount that each point is corrected by the profile and the direction of the correction.

dE Report Tab

dE is short for delta E which is a standard way to measure color errors.  On "dE report tab" you will see the error statistics. (unless you forgot to set the profile verbosity to "store anything").  This report shows how close the the color will be once the profile is applies to the image.  A delta E of 1.0 is right at the treshold of human perseption.  That is under perfect lighting conditions when comparing two color patches that are different by 1.0 delta E just over half of those looking that those patches side by side will correctly identify them as not being the exact same color.   Think of it as the colormeteric equilivalant of a decibel.  It is fairly typical to get average delta E of less than 1.0 using profiles created with LPROF.

Curves Tab

The curves tab shows the correction curves applied to each color channel by the profile.  When the device being profiled has good color balance the reb, green and blue curves will lay on top of each other.  But if the color balance of the device is off significantly the curves will seperate from each other.  Also as the gamma of the devices response changes that amount of curvature in these correction curves will change.

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