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Install Reference File Dialog Help Window

LPROF is an open source application that creates ICC profile for cameras, scanners and monitors.

Using the Install Reference File Dialog

This simple dialog allows you to install a target reference file and tell LPROF which template file goes with this target.  Using the IT8 Target combo click on the button labeled "..." to select the directory where the new target reference file is located.   After the directory is selected the drop down combo box will have a list of target reference files that are located in that directory.  These will not be listed by file name but rather the data listed in the drop down will have come from key fields in the reference file and will identify the target type, serial number and manufacturer.  In most case the actual IT8.7 target will also have the serial number some place on the face of the target.  Normally this will be located in the lower right hand corner of the target. 

After selecting the target reference file that goes with your target select the correct pick template for your target from the "Pick template" drop down.  At that point select OK to "install" the reference file.  The reference file will be copied into the LPROF configuration directory (this directory is hidden) and will keep track of which template goes with this target.  When you select a target reference file in the Camera/Scanner Profiler tab LPROF will automatically select the pick template that you selected when that target was installed.

If you made a mistake and installed a reference file with the wrong pick template you can install the reference file again and LPROF will detect that this file was previously installed and will only update the template.

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